ASIO4ALL 2.9 sound card to achieve common professional ASIO low latency sound card driver of the simulation program

On the sound card applications, in the application of hardware, software, as the diversification of applications, the software only in the software development more flexible free, but the hardware in the drive with the help of software, but also full of different Features; integrated sound card can ASIO4ALL in such a simulation program, led by show of professional quality sound card. Of course, this is only a simulation.

ASIO4ALL software is used to do? Simply put, is to let ordinary civilian sound card to achieve professional ASIO low latency sound card driver of a simulation program.

Here said that the “simulation” program, the software can be installed in ordinary type of AC97 sound card on the realization of the professional support of ASIO sound card drivers, in order to achieve low latency; nature, as the civilian and professional sound quality of the internal sound card Different from the ordinary civilian sound card can only achieve the “simulation” can basically meet the requirements of the General MIDI production, professional recording of the words or need to purchase specialized sound card.

ASIO4ALL on some:

ASIO is the full name of the Audio Stream Input Output, is a direct translation from the audio stream input and output interfaces mean, ASIO completely out of the Windows operating system of centralized control of the hardware, it can achieve in the audio-processing software and hardware between the multi-channel transmission At the same time, the system’s response to the audio stream down to the shortest possible time. ASIO technology can be used to reduce the system to stream audio signal delay, to enhance the sound card hardware processing power. Almost all on-board AC97 sound card or sound card can support ASIO, professional audio card in order to achieve the low latency.

ASIO4ALL is Wuschel developed an ASIO driver, the author says as long as they are WDM sound card can be relied ASIO has a sound card to improve sound quality output.

Started to come into contact with a Chinese version of the ASIO4ALL2.8, installed after the debug interface is very fancy, but they can also see a simple console interface, more or less:

After a search and found that there had been ASIO4ALL official version of the 2.9 version of the Chinese;

Blog by the Office of the forest in the “SRS Audio Sandbox”, has been more “civilian home to” a feeling of. 

ASIO4ALL for the application of the earlier article is here:, we are interested can refer to, the specific application of forest blog later when they are free About to launch a practical application of the article.

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