Hewlett-Packard HP520 in Windows7 sound system installation

We are in the windows system for the installation of hardware drivers, in addition to random use of official self-installation CD-ROM drive, can also be downloaded to the official website of the installation, you can use wizard-driven system for the detection and search for the driver installation, can also everest Like the hardware detection software to identify the type of hardware to install drivers, of course, can break open the box or notebook, look at the specific hardware models to search for the corresponding driver, windowsXP in the era of little use to upgrade the windows feature updates to To install the hardware drivers, I have the impression that this feature is very weak, but window7, this function has been enhanced greatly, but following this case, it is because of this windows7 "Mind your own business" me in trouble.

Windows 7 will bring the sound card driver in the HP520 in music when sonic boom, it is card, installed by force, there is no way to solve the problem HP520 driver. Has been judged as a software conflict, or start, or decoders, spent two days in practice a lot of drivers and eventually found a solution to the problem could be drivers.
Although the windows vista that the driver can be under the windows7 compatible, but according to some of the Friends of the statement, windows vista under the HP520 the sound card driver is also problematic. Regular search, or to find out:

The first step: Use Windows Updates to update the sound card driver in addition to other than the driver; not recommended update Windows7 sound card driver Conexant – Audio – Conexant High Definition Audio;

Step 2: Download driver: ftp://ftp.hp.com/pub/softpaq/sp34001-34500/sp34386.exe

Windows7 network for the sound card driver hp520, only this can be a perfect solution to the problem hp520 driver. AC97 provided by the official use of the latest Relteck HD is not a solution to this machine’s sound card driver problem, the official website of Hewlett-Packard HP520 in the provision of the sound card driver for vista of the problem (or the speaker external devices such as headsets and computers At the same time, their sound).

Step three: After downloading, run (as administrator). At first there is a decompression process, extract the path you choose, keep in mind that this path (default is C: \ SwSetup \ SP34386) after the installation unsuccessful prompts (or even if installed on the success of the restart after the installation is still prevented from )
Step four: into the control panel, Device Manager – find the sound card High Definition Audio (if you have installed before the other driver and failure here would be the exclamation point), right-click sound card, select "Update Driver Software", choose The second "Browse my computer for driver software", after the option is still following a "Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer", click "Have Disk" button, click "Browse", find the path before (Default is C: \ SwSetup \ SP34386), to choose wis30B5a.inf, click Open, Windows start requiring the installation of the driver;

Fifth step: restart, to reproduce sounds wonderful!

Attention: HP520 users do not use Windows Upates to update the sound card driver, did not succeed to install a sound card driver, even if prompted to install the current success of the restart will be prompted to install the sound card driver to stop the message.

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