AD1980/AD198X sound card driver in the vista system installation

AD1980/AD198x sound card driver in online search, most of all for the previous xp system-specific search through all the major hardware drivers to provide Web site, almost all of 2003, an updated version of that chip as a result of this model too old, most of the OEM factory Also stop its support, in the latest operating system installed vista onto AD1980/AD198X sound card drivers, a lot of twists and turns.

In practice, test, try the XP driver to install by force, there will be sonic boom as well as the intermittent failure of equipment problems; the use of RT to replace AC97 codec, will change the definition of the sound card jack; in the search engine’s strong support of the (Always been a face-saving), and finally in the Dell website can be found in a Vista running under the AD198X driver, the driver AD198X corresponding models of non-HD sound card chip, and the model is to install the AD1980, and AD1888 to consider more or less the same Similarly, support for the ICH5, 6,7 South Bridge.

But practice has proved that if the ICH5 to inf installation, HRP South Bridge (6300ESB, can be considered to enhance the ICH5 models are used for servers and workstations) can also be used, but the installation manual. After the test installation, sound quality compared to the use of XP to improve the lot of drive, no sonic boom produced.

This drive for the version of Vista 32bit, and 64bit versions, DELL official search on the net out. It should be reminded that, during his visit to Dell Web site, the use of agents could not open the page, it is magic. For the sake of convenience, Dell provides download the official address of the site is also available for download.

The above address of the page is opened, AD1980/AD198X sound card driver download address is:, if download fails, try to open the download page to download or use of Thunder .

At the same time to remind about the AD198X sound card does not sound special treatment:

AD198X equipment for the sound card drivers installed correctly, did not say anything, and that the use of windows media player also sound mp3 player, and later by installing the software and test winamp to play a sound, the sound came out at once, and then windows media player, Speak out of! The reason is very magical.

Part of the text from above:

AD1980/AD198X forest sound card driver available for download blog address: R145551.rar decompression code:

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