A case XP Professional systems Ghost after the sound card driver installation problem

Although the technology channel Sina have seen the headlines have verified pirated Microsoft to start: 1 hour at a black day in the middle of the Forum, many groups are boycotting the discussions and, cnbeta also said that as early as last year, when the patch has been installed on; but Sina in the headlines this afternoon that Microsoft has also declared that allows users to install non-optional, quite narrowly, to enjoy more and piracy after a difficult. The following cases have said the ghost version of xp professional version, is certainly piracy, the combat against, or operating system problems to be solved.

ghost version of xp professional version of the package when it will bring a lot of popular hardware drivers, and also advanced to automatically identify hardware and automatically install the driver of the realm; is different to different hardware drivers, the so-called general Driver-free installation of the GHOST XP Professional only in the packaging process of integration into the most common driver, but by no means the so-called universal driver, very experienced in the hardware drivers see when they can not be identified, the error was forced to identify more The driver may be installed.

GHOSTXP after the installation, the general recognition for the performance of the error would be to install a sound card when a blue screen, or re-install from an exclamation point after the show. D0z used before in the tornado’s version of win2003, it has encountered this problem, he added in the release notes have said that the installation tips from time to time, do not install the sound card driver can be normal. And then he will soon have an updated version of the problem.

For the blue screen, restart the computer into Safe Mode, remove the driver, looking to re-drive counterparts;

The display an exclamation point, said one example here:

The use of a certain version of the installed capacity, the installation of the system, the board of the SIS760 chip is, GHOST after entering the system prompts to install the sound card driver and sound card to show CMA9739A, driven by the installation wizard operation, after the installation is still in Device Manager Show an exclamation point; unloading drive to restart after, the board into the official CD-ROM drive, drive CMA9739A find SETUP, after the completion of the installation prompts to restart your computer, enter the system still shows an exclamation point, the typical post-GHOSTXP can not install sound card driver problem; downloaded from the Internet CMA9739 install the driver, still fault;

On-line search of information that the root cause of this is not a sound card CMA9739, proved AC97 sound card drivers installed, you can say anything, and the normal. (Case stems from the network)

The good news is not the case in this area are common, but the trouble is on the case met. And then quietly say, the use of the packaged version of xp professional installation is indeed very convenient, packing their efforts to master skills and, privately, admire you! A hard, brother! !

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