Analog Systems SoundMAX HD Audio Sound recording Driver Variation For Win2000/XP/2003/Vista.

Analog Devices SoundMAX HD Audio Sound recording Driver Edition For Win2000/XP/2003/Vista (2008 ? 5 issued on 14) Analog Device is the world' s leading semiconductor organizations, owns AD series about audio chips.But in truth what really famous overseas than it really is Analog Device' s electronics chip design, but the particular development of SoundMAX acoustic driver.SounMAX is any technical specification, including AudioESP technological know-how, virtual Theater ™ Encircle surround sound, microphone noise reduction technology and a series of new features, in inclusion SoundMAX drivers and activities during music playback, it can effectively reduce the PC utilization, and the music The presence has become greatly enhanced.Because there are so many advantages, AD series audio chips have been sought after by several hardware manufacturers, ASUS is the most loyal “fans”, its use of AD in high-end motherboard sound experience chips exclusively, with SoundMAX people.SoundMAX driver took so much “ass”, we also came to look for weaknesses, and Realtek audio manufacturers such as taking different routes, Analog Devices does not release the public version with the driver, but cooperation together with OEM manufacturers, will drive the direct payment to the each vendor, and then released because of the manufacturers to drive, which resulted in non-AD Series Universal food driver, even with the identical chip, each manufacturer must not drive between the typical.However, we also found any modified method can help the INF file so that it can not only assistance the AD1882, AD1884, AD1981, AD1983, AD1984, AD1984A, AD1986, AD1987, AD1988 chipset, and even allows Realtek SoundMAX computer chip also spend driver, refer to specific changes tutorial.

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