Download: Innovation internal sound card kX 1.0b3 beta driver MAC

kx released a sound card innovation of 1.0 b3 internal beta-driven, driven update speed of more than our imagination, compared to the previous version of driver updates are as follows:

1. Removed from front, rear output default swaps function, to avoid confusion, you can use the built-in features MAC OSX re-open the function.

2. Support 10 k2 card 24 intervals.

This version can be seen only done a certain features added, did not resolve Bug. We focused on the voice tone sandhi 5-10 minutes after the problem has not been resolved, I believe the drive to kx update rate, the error would soon be amended. If you have any questions, please visit kx Forum 1.0 b3 ALPHA Bug report pages post.


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  1. Marcellus Mejia Says:

    I just installed an in-wall computer in my bathroom with a pull out keyboard tray and, with all do respect, this is the first blog I read while taking a number 2. This is getting bookmarked because it will always have a place in my heart, and bathroom. 🙂 Thanks for the great read.

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