ALC880/ALC882/ALC883/ALC885/ALC888/ALC861/ALC861VD/ALC660/ALC260/ALC262/ALC268 HIGH Audio Realtek audio chipset operater package 1.63 variant For Vista-32/Vista-64.

Realtek audio tracks chip Realtek ALC880/ALC882/ALC883/ALC885/ALC888/ALC861/ALC861VD/ALC660/ALC260/ALC262/ALC268 HARLEY-DAVIDSON Audio Driver package 1.63 model For Vista-32/Vista-64 (2007 ? 3 ? 21 released) In the traditional AC97 audio food market, Realtek Realtek' s products on the country’s relatively good price to win many market share, while Intel officially brought out the “high-definition (High Definition Audio)” audio system, Realtek fast follow-up, has released other ALC880/ALC882/ALC260/ALC861 HD Audio sound chip, maintained onboard sound card in the field of leadership.New driver updates are as follows:1.Upgrade to a Vista driver version couple of.Add some custom elements.

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