intel motherboard manufacturer to download the sound card driver

Redo system, Intel’s motherboard manufacturer. Zhuangwan system, the drive did not find the time being, on the Internet to investigate driver, is a 965 GT motherboards, chipsets have driven the Internet, LAN drivers also found the Internet, the sound card is not found. After Zhuangwan card, download the driver wizard, the wizard-driven But his judgement, the sound card installed on the drive. But after the restart, the volume of the lower right corner there is no icon to the control panel inside one, not even audio equipment. To the hardware inside, the drive are all good, strange. No estimate is sound card installed right, and therefore under the realtek ac97 of a sound card driver. After the restart, sound equipment is yellow Tanhao, it seems that this is wrong, and made a soundmax driver. Or wrong.

It seems that the intel motherboard sound drivers really is quite strange, but finally found a board-driven, until the installation of voice;

intel original board sound drivers to download the full authority to download FTP space, sound card driver in the driver inside the folder; because the management authority, conscious not to delete.
user: lskof2000
password: abc9759

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sound card driver download: Direct Click to download。

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