Intel965 chip sony notebook SATA drives installed

Some English operating system notebook, if you want to change the Chinese operating system, but some of the notebook drive to find and download, is a major difficulty. Below this example illustrate the simple.

     One in the United States bring back the sonyVGN-NR180E books, modified Chinese XP. It did not because the domestic notebook models, natural it will not bring corresponding xp drivers.

    1 on the Internet to find the corresponding motherboard, sound card, graphics card, cats, reader-driven. Like Dahailaozhen.
    2 backup existing vista English system. Feeling our way across the river
    3 to start the installation xp system, found no hard drive. To do
    4 post, turned on the forum to answer. Xinjirufen
    5 SATA drives finally found the reason, I was in the top Tanzi Li. Timely help
    6 preparation equipment external usb floppy, n Zhanglao floppy disk, xp installation CD. Step by step
    7 1 hour, all ok. Gongchengmingjiu
    Step 5 is mainly written to share, because the 965 chip was released, but the sale of foreign books is not good for the support. First of all the books of the BIOS that I encountered over the years the most simple, some of the bios-advanced-extrenldevicebootd attributes into enable. And the Internet to find the 965 chip sata drive intel provided by the file name Download a compressed format. Next good floppy, installed directly to a floppy disk, estimated to be five minutes. Driver calculation is ready. Xp start the installation, in accordance with tips on F6, and simple English analysis prompted by the S button, find the corresponding file name for the drive 82801 HEM / HBM SATA AHCI Controller (Mobile ICH 8M-E / M). Selection, then enter the installation attention to copy the system files that began before had a floppy drive, if you need to advance a do it again.

General good notebook, if the system can not find hard drive heavy equipment, hardware drivers are the cognitive problems; last solution ibm server installation 2003 server, also encountered the sata hard disk drive cognitive problems, and then also need to update bios version to be installed, to provide good government, the telephone assistance, the official website did not download. Therefore, the event, the Advisory official, also not forget the practical way.

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