my first wordpress blog

today,Wordpress2.5.1 with the establishment of a just my first use of the procedures wordpress blog, my standard of English is not good, but also had eight years ago under two years Efforts, but over the years, no nurturing environment, and all Back to the books.

WordPress is also installed in large information network with the help of the success of the installation, installed the morning, afternoon put to forget the password, but also through the Internet find ways to provide the password. WordPress themes and plug-in is the feature, but I themes and plug-in upgrade, I feel more difficult; my code capacity is relatively weak, worried that if the theme and plug-ins used to upgrade the author is not very timely, and I also WordPress would like to follow the upgrade, and this is a contradiction, but also nothing in default templates on the basis of Learn slowly, my ability to edit the page code, or some basis.

This blog, mainly in the form of English to introduce sound card information, including audio information, sound card driver download, audio discussions, audio tools, as a technical exchanges between the blog! Contact English in the same time, and we also share information on all aspects of the sound card.

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