Realtek HD sound card in XP system setting method

Buckwheat was previously used and innovative Audigy4 AC97 sound card, etc., not used the Realtek HD sound card, but often encountered in the use of the sound card’s friends advice, and later colleagues also tried the computer sound card settings. Therefore, understanding of other friends also search Baidu sound card settings on the description. Seen after the introduction of different friends, it should almost know how to set the sound card. Later, the remote several times to help some friends set off to the sound card. Still later, his home and office computer to update, are equipped with such an integrated HD sound card, and WinXP with Win7 systems use with this sound card, sound understanding of HD will be more familiar with the settings.

HD audio jack that different colors, is more than access to the sound card and speakers and other audio equipment set up, you can enjoy multi-channel surround sound. But for most users, in fact, use only access to a microphone, speaker of the two jacks only. Most use three jacks: a headset microphone, headphones, additional access to a pair of active speakers and then to put down the headset when you can play through the speakers to listen to the voice of the computer, or voice chat rooms and other parts of the sound. In fact, the vast majority of integrated sound card, only three jacks on the rear panel, in addition to commonly used microphone, speaker jack, the other is almost nobody to use the line input jack.

1 HD Audio "play" features of the property

HD sound card volume control in the "Play" inside, and some users have "Mic Volume" this one, which is commonly used before the sound card "microphone", the relevant set method as before, nothing special; but some users simply there is no "Microphone" or "Mic" and the like words, in this case how to set up, that is, in this paper to emphasize the problems with the detail and content.

1.1 There are two difficulties

First, HD sound card volume control "Play" which, as a glance could not find regular sound card "microphone", with the result can not talk and play music. "Recording" section, with no essential difference between the previous conventional sound card, microphone, stereo mix there.

In the "Play" did not solve the problem inside the microphone case, or can only play music, can not speak; or only speech, can not play music.

Second, adjust the volume of the previous problems in different, even if some of the volume control to adjust the volume to maximum, but the actual volume is still relatively small.

Master the four elements of 1.2

First, the microphone, speakers or headphones into the default connection to the right (mainly connected to the back of the chassis);

Second, understand that HD sound card volume control "Play" and "recording" attribute selection, volume control properties at the "mixer" which choose "Realtek HD audio output" and "Realtek HD audio Input", this is before generally sound very different place; the original conventional sound card, "mixer" which only one device, while the HD sound card points out, enter the two devices;

Third, understand that the volume control, play attributes (Mixer: Realtek HD audio output) which, Rear Pink In (pink rear jack) is before the regular sound card "microphone", select the adjustment here is to adjust the microphone;

Fourth, understand that unlike previous audio sound management problems require a combination of "Realtek high definition audio configuration" to carry out the settings, such as input / output device of the "Audio I / O", "microphone" echo, noise and so on.

2 HD sound card volume control interface, the meaning of the items

Master volume: total volume of the sound card

Waveform: the volume of music and sound

Software Synthesizers: the volume of soft effect plug-ins

Front: Front speaker volume

Rear: Rear speaker volume

Subwoofer: surround sound speakers

Center: The center speaker volume

Side: next to the center speaker volume (for 7.1 speakers)

SPDIF: Digital Volume Control Interface

(Note: the above items, in general, the user selects the previous two is enough)

Front Green In: Green front-panel jack (default speakers, headphones)

Front Pink In: pink front panel jack (the default is the microphone, microphone)

Rear Green In: Green rear panel jack (default speakers, headphones)

Rear Pink In: pink jack rear panel (the default is the microphone, microphone)

Rear Blue In: Blue rear panel jack (default speakers, headphones)

Rear Grey In: Gray rear panel jack

Rear Orange In: orange back panel jack

Rear Black In: black jack, rear panel

(Note: the above items, in general, the user selects the previous five is enough)

3 Diagram HD sound card settings

3.1 General properties of the sound card volume control

Figure 1 General sound card volume control property, "mixer" which is only a device,

"Play" and "recording" setting selected directly here.

Accompaniment settings: Open the volume control of small speakers, followed by points: options, properties, sound recordings, in the "Show the following volume controls" inside, just select the microphone (mic) and stereo (stereo) or waveform (wave), click "OK" after waveform can be stereo or re-election.

A little note: the above "accompaniment settings" is a brief description text prompt. For example: "mic" is displayed in English microphone "Microphone"; "stereo" refers to the stereo mix "Stereo Mix"; "wave" refers to the waveform output mix (Wave Out Mix). Because of the different sound card and drivers, and some volume control shows the Chinese language interface, and some are English interface, and some in each category. "Recording" control where the mix shows some "stereo", while others are "wave."

3.2 HD sound card volume control properties

Figure 2 HD sound card volume control "Play" section, the corresponding mixer device as "Realtek HD Audio output"

HD sound card volume control "Play" interface, Front at the beginning of the two corresponding to the front panel of the computer speaker and microphone, Rear corresponding to the beginning of the rear panel of two speakers and microphone. We generally do not use the front panel jack, but the headset, speakers fixed access to the back of the jack inside the chassis, the corresponding should choose "Rear blue In" or "Rear Green In" and "Rear Pink In", are blue (or green) of the speakers or headphone jack, microphone jack pink.

Figure 2 Figure 3, the midpoint in the "Options" / "Properties" to open the HD sound card volume control properties, the default is "Play", "Mixer" there are two devices, Realtek HD Audio output corresponding to the "Play" Realtek HD Audio Input corresponds to "recording."

Figure 4 HD sound card volume control "play" equipment selection, "Master Volume" and "wave" will be selected, and then select the chassis behind the microphone and speakers or headphones into the corresponding "Rear Pink In" and "Rear blue In" or "Rear Green In", others do not have choices.

3.3 HD sound card volume control equipment selection and setup

HD sound card volume control "Play" which often do not see the regular "microphone" word. In this case, the following two is the default microphone, front panel has a corresponding color and icon:

Front Pink In Pink front-panel input jack (the default is the microphone, microphone)

Rear Pink In Pink rear panel jack input (default is the microphone, microphone)

3.3.1 Volume Control "Play" section of the Equipment

Open the bottom right corner of the small speaker volume control, followed by point: Options / attributes, the default is to open the "Play" interface, "mixer" which corresponds to "Realtek HD Audio output", the "Show the following volume controls" inside, select only the following five commonly used equipment, do not have other options:

Master volume


Front Green In Green front panel jack (default speakers, headphones)

Front Pink In Pink front-panel jack (the default is the microphone, microphone)

Rear Green In Green back panel jack (default speakers, headphones)

Rear Pink In Pink jack the rear panel (the default is the microphone, microphone)

Rear Blue In Blue rear panel jack (default speakers, headphones)

Note: the above items, if you only use the front panel into the headset or microphone, speakers, then the rear panel "Rear" at the beginning of the three mute; If only the rear panel into the headset or microphone, speakers, then the former Panel "Front" at the beginning of the two muted. Choose to use two rear speakers equipment (jack), which aims to facilitate the use of a headset and a speaker at the same time: a headset into the handset, such as "Rear Green In" green jack, another access speakers, such as "Rear Blue In "Blue jack.

Figure 5 Play Control Special Note: PC’s HD integrated sound card, 2 front panel jack, rear panel and only three jacks. After trying to test, "Play" property here, just select the master volume, waveform, and the microphone is enough, does not affect other projects the listener to play audio and microphone use. AC97 sound card, etc. This is equivalent to setting a general, but here’s "microphone" into the front panel microphone "Front Pink In" and the rear panel microphone "Rear Pink In" only.

3.3.2 Volume Control "recording" part of the Equipment

Open the bottom right corner of the small speaker volume control, followed by point: Options / attributes, in the "mixer" which choose "Realtek HD Audio Input", will open the "recording" interface (the original is gray, not click), in "Show the following volume controls" inside, just select the following two commonly used devices do not have other options:

Microphone volume

Stereo Mix

Figure 6 volume control "recording" properties, which correspond to the mixer device is: Realtek HD Audio Input

Figure 7 Select the setting-off recording control interface (microphone, stereo mix of gray is not adjustable, the following is "mute" instead of "choice" need to install the HD audio patch, download this tail.)

Figure 8, the recording control after installing the patch, the problem has been to eliminate the gray is not adjustable, the following "Mute" has also been restored to normal state "choice."

Description: These two can also use a check, but can not be checked. If you want to QQ voice chat to each other when playing music, or talk to other UC and Bristol karaoke OK singing voice chat when playing accompaniment, or play the songs, music, and share, it must check the "stereo mix." Otherwise, if the check is "Microphone Volume", then you play the voice is not heard the other side. This is called the sound card "in place" accompaniment. Only at the same time using the "Play" inside the microphone and "recording" when inside the stereo mix can also talk and play songs music. So, you QQ voice or voice chat room, often need to check their settings situation.

3.4 HD sound card "High Definition Audio Configuration"

Figure 9 in the system "control panel" inside, find the "Realtek High Definition Audio Configuration" icon and open, and this is the sound of the "control center" or "Control Panel", where a number of options to set the sound card.

Figure 10 HD Audio control panel, on the map at the "Sound" screen, generally do not use sound, so as not to change the play and listen to the original sound effects; also do not use the karaoke OK, the function is weakened in some of the other songs mp3 soundtrack, the results are unsatisfactory.

Figure 11 in the "Audio I / O" option to define the output jack into the sound card (such as speakers, headphones), input (eg microphone) device, generally not to complicate the user access to many devices, so long as the use of default marked green (speakers, headphones), pink (microphone) can be. Necessary, can then access a pair of powered speakers to use the speakers when the headset down to listen. This is equivalent to access to the four speakers had.

Figure 12 jack "connection settings", enable "Disable front panel jack detection", which is in front of check, so do not customize the meaning of the front two jacks, use the default device for speakers, headphones (green jack) and microphone (pink jack) can be. HD sound card can be used simultaneously front and rear panel microphone, speakers, and the AC97 sound card and so can not be used simultaneously. In addition, you can remove "when inserted into the device, open the pop-up dialog box" in front of the hook in order to use the system default socket device functionality, do not define their own jack. For example, in the rear panel of the computer to default the following jack, insert the corresponding equipment we can:

Rear Green In Green back panel jack (default speakers, headphones)

Rear Pink In Pink jack the rear panel (the default is the microphone, microphone)

Rear Blue In Blue rear panel jack (default speakers, headphones)

Figure 13 "mixer" option in the settings: Here mixer, the equivalent of some friends used "Fang Tang sound control" software, which is equivalent UC Voice "Advanced adjustment" function, is to "play" and "recording" device properties arranged in a single interface, we can choose here, set their properties: select items of equipment used to regulate the volume of their size.

Figure 14 set recording attributes: This sound card previously used in general lacks distinction, we only need to select "microphone" and "stereo mix" the two can be. In fact, this is what we always check, set the "Volume Control" and "recording" section, as long as the final choice of using the "Stereo Mix" This (the so-called accompaniment setting, the place setting), you can play the voice of their own to send to the chat room voice places.

Figure 15 "microphone" settings: either choose to use "noise suppression", but do not use "echo cancellation", otherwise, it is said his speech will not be able to send out. I understand: because the option is used for recording, may be part of the microphone to play "Silent" situation down the recording, of course, can not use the microphone to speak.

Figure 16 Finally, let us look at "mixer" setting the interface to enhance the "replay" (play) and "record" (Recording) attributes the selection and installation. Understand the following:

1) "replay" inside, "Front" at the beginning of the device, the computer on the front panel, generally do not use, opening the left side of the little wrench icon to open the "Tools mixer" volume control device when Do not select them, it will not appear in the playback interface.

2) "Rear" at the beginning of the project is the rear panel of the computer, we simply choose to use the green and pink, respectively, access to speaker and microphone jacks corresponding to the "Rear Green In" and "Rear Pink In" two , the other do not have choices.

3) "record" this part is often said that "recording" properties, we only need to select the "Microphone Volume" and "stereo mix" two to the other two are generally not used.

Special note: many of the notebook computer, sound card, the "Play" there is no microphone, just "recording" there are microphone and stereo mixes, there is no Kara OK function, not "also" play and speech. Because the "record" which can only use one device at the same time, when using the stereo mix of the time, although you can play "accompaniment", and it can not use the "Play" inside the microphone, it can not karaoke OK. However, some notebook computers, sound cards do not blend, that is, "audio" inside there is no "stereo mix", can not karaoke OK, even the music in the voice chat rooms are not playing. To solve this problem, use only external USB sound card.

In addition, the "recording" property which, if met, "Microphone Volume" and "Stereo Mix" volume control slider is gray, not adjustable, it would need to download the patch to solve, and some HD sound card to the existence of this problem.

After installing the patch, you can not solve the audio option to adjust the volume of gray issue, following the "mute" becomes "Select", and you can select the microphone or the stereo mix. Some friends can not use voice chat room to play music mixing music, because here, you need to install the patch before you can select the stereo mix.

Figure 17 Installing the patch after the mixer interface, recording inside the microphone, stereo mix can be selected and adjusted.

Figure 18 "mixer," in particular: the mixer is actually here, "Volume Control" and "Play" and "recording" properties of integration, the volume control is where the linkage with adjustable volume control, but the mixer The selection interface is independent. Through testing, "mixer" where players do not choose to set any time with the recording device does not affect the volume control setting and use of property

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