XP system settings for HD sound card

Note: The interface for the selection of set-off situation, how to choose the necessary volume control program, see the back of the introduction. Please do not use the item "silent", such as the front panel of the figure project Front; volume are placed in the right place, do not put the biggest, nor too small; only elected the "Options" inside the "Advanced Control" later, the microphone will appear below the "Advanced" button to use the microphone volume enhancements.

For HD sound card, the default device name as follows (only a partial list of common items):

Front Green In: Green front-panel jack (default speakers, headphones)

Front Pink In: pink front panel jack (the default is the microphone, microphone)

Rear Green In: Green rear panel jack (default speakers, headphones)

Rear Pink In: pink jack rear panel (the default is the microphone, microphone)

Rear Blue In: Blue rear panel jack (default speakers, headphones)

In Figure 2, Figure 3, upper left corner point of the "Options", to appear upper left corner of the map interface

Description: Open the volume control here, "property", see Figure 4 – Figure 7 for playback and recording properties; select the microphone, "Advanced Control", shown in Figure 8.

Figure 4 The volume control of the "Play" attribute, which corresponds to the mixer device is: Realtek HD Audio output

Description: In the "Show the following volume controls" inside, select the necessary items, such as following a few; not need to use the hooks are removed, do not choose. Then, click "OK", will return to Figure 2 of the interface.

Select the following volume controls:

Master volume (total volume: they are hearing the sound, volume)

Waveform (the volume of playback: the other side to hear the voice, volume)

Front Green In (front panel green jack, speakers)

Front Pink In (pink front panel jack, microphone)

Rear Green In (back panel green jack, speakers)

Rear Pink In (pink rear jack, microphone)

Rear Blue In (blue rear panel jack, speakers)

Pull the slider to the right of Figure 5, continues to select Volume Control

Note: Some options for HD sound card some more, like there are options. In fact, almost no access, we use Figure 4 to those selected device interface is sufficient, general users do not have much access to sound devices to use.

There are some HD sound card volume control options:

Rear Grey In: Gray rear panel jack

Rear Orange In: orange back panel jack

Rear Black In: black jack, rear panel

Figure 6 volume control "recording" properties, which correspond to the mixer device is: Realtek HD Audio Input

Description: The interface in Figure 4, in the "mixer" which choose "Realtek HD Audio Input" (that is, the input device) to open the map "recording" attribute selection interface. Just select the "Recording Control", "Mic Volume", "Stereo Mix" three can be. Among them, the "Stereo Mix" as the must-project, we are using it to play songs, music, and have it to the accompaniment, karaoke OK.

Special note: do not set the "Play" section of the property, people are often using the "recording" Here’s microphone, but this time can not play songs, accompaniment; in Bi chat, UC, QQ, YY places such as voice chat , if you select "Stereo Mix", although that can play music, but they can not hear his speech the other side. Encountered a large number of friends to contact this problem, in fact, not clear: Only the same time using the "play" inside the "microphone" and "recording" inside the "stereo mix" can we "accompaniment" and Kara OK, can we the music itself and the microphone singing voice can be heard the other side.

Figure 7 Select the audio control interface to set-off

Description: We see here, "Microphone Volume" and "Stereo Mix" volume control slider is gray, not adjustable, you need to download a patch to solve, and some HD sound card to the existence of this problem. In addition, many ordinary sound card, the following options to "select" instead of "mute" function with sound mixing here can also choose a project, such as check the "Stereo Mix", it can not Check the "microphone volume." But some HD sound card is different, here is the "mute", to use the project, the following is not checked, otherwise muted.

However, buckwheat seen in some computers, some HD sound "recording control" is still here, such as the AC97 sound card, as the following, or "selection" check box, not "mute." This is probably because there is a difference between drivers of different bar.

The text after the link to download the patch. After installing the patch, you can not solve the audio option to adjust the volume of gray issue, following the "mute" becomes "Select", and you can select the microphone or the stereo mix. Some friends can not use voice chat room to play music mixing music, because here, you need to install the patch before you can select the stereo mix.

Figure 8 after installing the patch recording control: the problem has been to eliminate the gray is not adjustable, the following "Mute" has also been restored to normal state "choice."

Figure 9 Microphone advanced control: using the "microphone to enhance"

Description: The combination of Figure 2 and Figure 3, select the microphone, "Advanced control." Figure 2 points in the "Advanced" button to open the interface in Figure 8 above, in the "other controls" check inside "the microphone to strengthen." After using the microphone volume increased, we speak when singing, not only within their own headphones to hear your own voice clearly, and his speech without difficulty, the other sounds like the sound is still relatively large. Did not set the microphone volume increased when the sound coming out of the microphone is usually small, their speech effort, others will sound is not great.

Special Note: It is worth noting that some sound card shown here is in English, and some have two options, your attempts were selected until the headset inside his speech came the echo of their own to clear. In general, the English show "Mic Boost", is the microphone strengthened. In addition, the use of "microphone to enhance" after the microphone volume can not be set too high, otherwise you will have great current sound, noise.

Figure 10 Realtek High Definition Audio Configuration (HD Audio Control Center)

Description: The front of the "Volume Control" attribute set, we basically can use the HD audio to karaoke OK. But to make better use of the boards to also need to further its "high-definition audio configuration." Here, the equivalent of HD sound card control center. We can continue here, "Volume Control" attribute set, especially the "mixer" and "Audio I / 0" setting.

In Figure 1, bottom right corner of the computer, or computer control panel, we can find and open the "Realtek high definition audio configuration."

Figure 11 Open the "Realtek high definition audio configuration" of the default interface

Description: This is the HD sound card’s "Audio" setup interface. If you feel the need, you can try to use a variety of sound effects here. However, the use of sound after you play the songs, music, and you hear the sound, to have a sound that changed the music but the soundtrack was. Creative sound card problem does not exist, because it can set the reverb and other sound effects alone do not change the "source" effect.

Figure 12 "mixer," the default interface

Description: The "replay" and "record", corresponding to the volume control properties in the "Play" and "recording", which is to both set the same control panel, set up more convenient.

Figure 13 in the "mixer" which set up, adjust the volume of items

Volume control problem: in addition to various options such as "Wave" and adjust the volume there, in addition, be sure to understand and remember that you must also left the two volume control knob adjust the overall volume, "-" and "+ "correspond to the minimum and maximum volume. It is said that "replay" the volume knob should be placed where the maximum position, or the actual volume will be very small; and "recording" volume knob is not the most, otherwise there blasting sound and distortion. Some HD sound "recording," There is not the total volume knob, but it will not matter.

The total volume knob adjustment: mouse click "-" side, the total volume decrease; click on the "+" side, the total volume increases. That black spot is the total volume of the specific location.

Some friends said that the volume control the volume has been transferred to the relevant project is very big, but still hear each other very small, the problem may be here: no adjustment "mixer" interface to the total volume of the knob appropriate volume location.

Figure 14 In Figure 12, the point of "replay" the lower left corner of the small wrench, open the "Play" attribute selection interface

Figure 15 with Figure 13 and Figure 14, select the "Play" section of the volume control, and Figure 4, Figure 5 corresponds to

Figure 16 In Figure 12, the point of "record" the lower left corner of the small wrench, open the "audio" attribute selection interface

Note: This selection set, and Figure 6 corresponding to, simply select the "Microphone Volume" and "stereo mix" the two can, and then "OK" OK, on to the interface in Figure 17 below.

Figure 17 "mixer" setting after the completion of the interface

Figure 18 to install the patch after the mixer interface: recording inside the "microphone", "Stereo Mix" is a return to normalcy. Otherwise, the microphone can not be used here, can not play songs or their own mix mix concert accompanist for recording.

After installing the patch, because the volume control is not a "recording control" of this, so the "record" the original one here, there is no total volume buttons, but does not affect the volume adjustment.

Figure 19 "Audio I / 0", input and output device interface settings, which is the default interface

Note: The default interface is preset "2CH Speaker", that access to the two speakers, such as left and right earpiece headset, or a separate access to the two speakers. If you want to use the headset and the other two speakers, then select "4CH Speaker" that is, the four speakers.

The upper right corner of the small wrench, open the input and output devices, "Connector Settings" panel, shown in Figure 20.

Figure 20 connection settings, which is the default interface

Figure 21 connection settings, the interface is set too

Note: remove "when inserted into the device, open the pop-up dialog box" check, do not have so much trouble to customize the device properties, and directly use the default connection / interface definitions, such as the front panel of the green and pink jack, the default speaker and microphone interface, respectively.

Remove "when inserted into the front headphones, close the rear panel output" checked, you can also use the front panel, rear panel headphone and a speaker to listen for the voice of the computer. AC97 sound card so common, it is not have this capability, as long as the headphones or speakers into the front, then rear speakers are connected no sound. Of course, if you do not want to use both, then check the item.

Finally, check the "Disable front panel jack detection", but also to directly use the default connection / interface definition.

Figure 22 "microphone" set point "noise suppression" can be, which is set through the interface

● Volume Control "Play" attribute set and high-definition audio "mixer" setting the special summary

Figure 23 Play Control Special Note: PC’s HD integrated sound card, 2 front panel jack, rear panel and only three jacks. After trying to test, "Play" property here, just select the master volume, waveform, and the microphone is enough, does not affect other projects the listener to play audio and microphone use. AC97 sound card, etc. This is equivalent to setting a general, but here’s "microphone" into the front panel microphone "Front Pink In" and the rear panel microphone "Rear Pink In" only.

Figure 24 "mixer," in particular: the mixer is actually here, "Volume Control" and "Play" and "recording" properties of integration, the volume control is where the linkage with adjustable volume control, but the mixer The selection interface is independent. Through testing, "mixer" where players do not choose to set any time with the recording device does not affect the volume control setting and use of property.

Buckwheat Conclusion: At this point, XP system settings HD sound card working all over, you can happily go to the network Kara OK, or singing on the computer, recording the readings.

Special note: many of the notebook computer, sound card, the "Play" there is no microphone, just "recording" there are microphone and stereo mixes, there is no Kara OK function, not "also" play and speech. Because the "record" which can only use one device at the same time, when using the stereo mix of the time, although you can play "accompaniment", and it can not use the "Play" inside the microphone, it can not karaoke OK. However, some notebook computers, sound cards do not blend, that is, "audio" inside there is no "stereo mix", can not karaoke OK, even the music in the voice chat rooms are not playing. To solve this problem, use only external USB sound card.

In addition, the "recording" property which, if met, "Microphone Volume" and "Stereo Mix" volume control slider is gray, not adjustable, it would need to download the patch to solve, and some HD sound card to the existence of this problem.

After installing the patch, you can not solve the audio option to adjust the volume of gray issue, following the "mute" becomes "Select", and you can select the microphone or the stereo mix. Some friends can not use voice chat room to play music mixing music, because here, you need to install the patch before you can select the stereo mix


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