Innovation 5.1 Innovation 7.1 sound card and setting method

Sound accompaniment / karaoke OK essence: no matter what sound card, regardless of what operating system, and no matter what speech software, voice chat room, in his speech, Kara OK’s sound card settings, its principles, nature, methods are the same. That is: only the volume control of the "Play" which uses the microphone, while in the "Record" which used the stereo mix or wave mix (innovation and sound card to "hear your voice") in order to sound to karaoke OK, he will make the music with their speech sounds, while the other side can hear.

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Buckwheat say to you: Innovation 5.1 and 7.1 sound card setting methods, sound effects, he will not set friends, best to go to feel the other debug the effect was relatively good friends, and then you people guide us, help you set minutes to get. To set their own methods, relevant data, recorded and preserved, both to spare, they can go to help other friends.

The effect of the basic requirements: There are many innovative features sound, but generally the user is often only use it features the so-called reverb and other effects to decorate their own voice, so that my voice sounded richer or rounded a number, and will not like Soundtrack so monotonous and stiff. Buckwheat has always maintained that moderate reverb, echo is to increase the good results, but if not adjusted, it sounds like the sound feels a bit "distant" and "open"; more serious, feeling each other as if in a cave or inside the helmet speech singing, the sound muffled, buzzing, which do not have any effect but not as good. The basic requirements of the effect: no remote, empty feeling, the sound is not nausea, but should sound rich, mellow and clear.

Just for reference: Some friends saw the introduction post, say that they sound card model and what’s different here. Different models does not matter, as long as you refer to introduce here can try to set your own sound card, can adjust the basic, others feel it sounds good, the effect is more comfortable on the line. The so-called better results, slowly groping their own.

Innovative basic accompaniment sound card settings: in volume control "recording" section, simply select "microphone" and "you hear the voice of" the two, is determined, then in the "voice you hear" tick below, then OK to exit, accompaniment to set up.


Creative sound card settings


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"Play Control" volume, is the voice you hear; "wave WAVE/MP3" following the volume control is the volume of the accompaniment; "Microphone" volume control below is talking to you (singing) voice of the size of the control. In addition, the accompaniment volume to combine the player’s own volume control.

"Play" attribute set:

Select "Play Control", "Microphone", "waveform wave/Mp3" These three can be.

"Recording" attribute set (this set the most important and most critical):

Just select the "you hear the sound (what you heard)", "Microphone" The two can be.

Most important, the most critical settings, need to always check the item: it is necessary to "hear your voice" (English is: what you heard) "the following" choose (s) "in front of the Da Shanggou! Otherwise, in the chat room you can not release the accompaniment music.

Creative sound card "Sound" settings

Voice chat room now has a lot of friends in the innovative use of sound, is hereby to the old models of innovation SB Live5.1 Standard Case (Innovative Sound Blaster Audigy Value Series sound card, can refer to the set), the sound of the set method introduced to the hobby voice singing, reading friend.

First, the hardware sound card installed, then install the innovative 5.1 sound card driver, if your C drive is not very small can be directly installed by default.

If your computer has the original AC97 integrated sound card, please follow the following methods to shield the original AC97 integrated sound card:

First installed a new sound card;


Press the DEL key or F1 key (depending on BIOS), enter the BIOS;

With the keyboard cursor keys to select the Integrated Peripherals (Integrated external device), enter into;

Move the cursor to one of the "AC97 Audio" option, use the button or flip key "+","-" the original "AUTO" changed to "Disable";

Press F10, select "Y", the system automatically save and reboot.

Simpler method is to being in the Device Manager, disable the original sound card. If the results are not good to use the above method completely shield the original sound card.

(1) Open the far right below the small computer speaker volume control, we choose the following is sufficient, because there is no other use for us, do not recommend a choice. Unless you are a linear input, that is another issue. Control of the playback controls and recording options is completed, in fact, we did not have to control the following is also a small speaker in the line. Below:

Figure 1 / Figure 2, left 1: Innovative sound card’s "Play" attribute selection, right 2: innovative sound of the "recording" Attribute Selection

Figure 3 / Figure 4 Left 3: Select the set-off "play" interface; # 4: Select the set-off "recording" interface

If you think the microphone loud enough to point the microphone following the "Advanced" button, and enhance +20 dB.

Figure 5 microphone volume set to strengthen

Note that the playback controls in the following senior high bass adjustment, useful for their own listening, but listening to others and you do not adjust the time or the same, so we generally do not adjust.

(2) Start – Programs (All Programs)-Creative-Sound Blaster Live!-Creative Surround Mixer, right click send to desktop shortcut, because we often use the Creative Surround Mixer, the proposal onto the bottom of the shortcut bar. The program interface appears as below:

Figure 6 Sound Mixer Mixer innovative shortcuts

(3) Run Creative Surround Mixer procedures, following the interface. Before opening the advanced mode, the following three boxes do not allow mute mute! Sometimes you change the sound you hear – when the microphone will be automatically marked with mute the microphone, that’s a normal, remove the microphone mute on it.

The key here: the volume of the left is the total volume control, generally we choose the maximum. High and low side to listen to the voice of their own, independent of others passed on to you, so in the default state. Wave / MP3 is to control the size of their music and listen to other people sound volume control, the need to adjust the accompaniment volume. The microphone singing his own microphone, or monitor the size of voices, as long as the microphone does not produce screaming can choose bigger. Finally, the sound you hear, be sure to select where the sound you hear, or even if they can hear the reverb, not spread out the still the same result! Is to control the sound you hear when people hear your voice singing the size of the volume, and music size no contact (unless you are an external VCD). As for MIDI, CD audio, line input, auxiliary equipment, CD number, telephone answering, PC speakers or whether it is now no need to mute or open.

Figure 7 creative sound card mixer settings interface Mixer

(4) Open the "Settings", this is the result set, first select the "custom" the right change to "speak" (in Chinese) we do not have the soundtrack for the middle box to modify the default 0.0DB is the greatest.

Reverb: Auditorium of my test results is more appropriate, then choose this, pull the main reverb volume of -14 (or so), you can choose your favorite reverb that is not necessarily behind the argument -14 is the.

Chorus: Do not change the default type of integration of the volume reduction in the -46 (which can be larger)

Echo: the need to add our own results, opening the add – echo – OK. Echo volume control position in the chorus almost can, as we say in effect doing so can not be too large. Please do not talk and sing with the same results!

These are not enough good, then I’ll point to open the "source":

"Source" is set quite interesting, if you listen to other people their own sound effects, sound effects, as no use listening to you very well, because to bring your own reverb. So, as we listen to others and you have the effect sound? Effect will be that much, you will need to adjust the sound card to tell others. In fact, the need to adjust to is yourself.

Source selection Wave/Mp3, is that you hear his voice and the accompaniment of music or songs, which the soundtrack for the same 100%. Reverb, chorus, echo is adjusted to 0%, and finally OK to save.

You no longer listen to other people with the sound effects to worry about. At the same time, your accompaniment would be particularly clear, because the accompaniment will not put reverb, chorus, echo effect. In short, is the "source" sound can not set any effect, to keep the original.

Give you a few parameters:

Singing: chorus reverb Auditorium -5.2 -30 -30 Echo

Speech: reverb chorus Auditorium -10 -35 -35 Echo

Words: reverberation echo Auditorium -16 -44 -44 chorus

These are more suitable for ordinary friends, of course, wheat and different needs of different songs are not the same regulation. You can try it yourself first recording, when you do this, use is particularly convenient tap "talk" talk is the effect of, "singing" is the effect of singing.

Hope to hear from you the best results.

Innovation Live Series SB 24-Bit 7.1 Sound Card debugging method

As innovation SBLive 24-Bit 7.1 Sound Card is not a real 7.1 sound card, 5.1 sound card is made stronger, so less desirable. But the cost is high. 5.1 with the same installation method.

1. After installation open the Creative surround mixer and EAX console,

2. In the EAX console select karaoke OK, OK before the opening of a small hook karaoke point, activate the microphone effect, this selection effect for the concert hall (I think the best)

If the electronic wheat, then the effect of the amount of adjustment in between 79-82, there will be too much noise in the treble. If it is an ordinary headset, you can adjust a little higher, generally not more than 85, not less than 75.

3. Back to the Creative Surround Mixer, the "MIDI" option on the "+ plus" in "harmony" and "Reverb" all points; in the volume "+ plus" in the "only using the digital output of "small hook point out (because if it is not digital speakers, selection of this option will not hear the sound).

4. We can see that the right of the microphone yet? One is the blue lever, a red lever; blue lever directly on the microphone volume level, above "+ plus" in the microphone to enhance, recommended, 20B strengthening very effective, unless Your wheat is the stick.

Now look at the red lever in the top right of the red lever has a "tip", when clicked, will have several options; and we can use in the chat room only, "you hear the voice" and " microphone, "the two.

"Microphone" status: The above would lead to "+ plus"; Note: there is a world "not to listen" to the equivalent of (ordinary sound card, such as the AC97’s) to "microphone" to "mute" the.

"You hear the voice of" state: the equivalent of (ordinary sound card, such as the AC97’s) "Stereo MIX" "stereo mix."

Summed up in one; you want in the chat room with "accompaniment" while singing, reading, then you should be in the "red lever to" top right "tip" there select the "sound you hear," this one


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