Lenovo F40 sound card problem and F40 sound card drivers download

my books are bought in 2007 summer, when is the vista system, but buy the time hears everyone say vista is not convenient to use, then that turned into a windowsXP, few days ago good use, the decision to change my system, my colleagues on the help that I’m W7 system, but after completing their run okay for, of course, slightly better than XP slower, but better able to withstand, but the problem has become a headache for the sound matter, with F40’s are aware there are three books released this place sounds, one is bottom of the screen, as well as in the drive above, there is the touch screen below for complete system I found that the sound seems very small, she did not care, that is like this, can see the film after the discovery of like really small, abnormal, careful listening, the three speakers on a ring, then install the sound card driver, but why is this?

Internet search of the relevant issues, and many people do not all sound the trumpet, I and I am part of that bass does not sound like a lot of problems, guess I’m just like this, many people said this bass is a decorative Lenovo, But I do not think so, at least I heard the voice of many of my colleagues computer, I really did not this big, undeniable, they said decorate, I do not know if they have the appreciation, of course, certainly not good with the bass sound than, but in the books is considered good, but also a few sections, I at least meet, because everyone has this problem, after their study found Lenovo site is not equipped with the W7’s drive, and I wanted to before with the old drive before, can be found to be in the W7 to upload, but the Lenovo site a reminder Daoshi awoken, so I remind you that if you install the W7’s F40 or F41, but the sound can not play normally, that Please download the following sound card driver, Guarantee easy to use, is less my problem is solved, good fun

Address: http://lenovobbs.lenovo.com.cn/viewthread.php?tid=104115&extra=page% 3D1 (There are several good)

F40 or F41 which I point out the specific download the (very carefully I was losing yo)
Address: http://drivers.mydrivers.com/drivers/322-128837-Realtek-ALC861-ALC880-ALC882-ALC883-ALC8

Installation is finished, definitely easy to use, I installed after the last sound normal.

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