Sound card driver error caused the installation failure

Failure phenomenon: reinstall WinXP system, the first time the procedure turn on the TV card when watching television programs, sound card can be the normal pronunciation, but after switching to other channels, television programs on a sound. After exit and re-open the proceedings on television too. Can only restart the computer, watch television programs when it can be sound, but if after a conversion program channels and continue to repeat these failures. Moreover, the fault only when the use of video cards there, before and after the fault occurs, other multimedia files player, sound card can be the normal pronunciation.

Troubleshooting process: As the TV card audio through a line connected to the sound card input line, can only watch TV programs from time to time the voice, so I put this extracted audio cable directly to the speakers from the TV card audio output port, resulting in a normal voice, which is excluded from the TV card sound output problems, and in the replacement of cable, the problem still remains. So I found the computer’s sound card is a problem. As a result of watching TV programs in a silent failure, the computer other multimedia files player, sound card can be a normal voice, so I suspect that the sound card drivers and TV card driver conflict, but I uninstalled the sound card driver, the computer even automatically restart, but can not enter the system using Safe Mode. Later in my BIOS settings to disable the sound card after the original sound card can uninstall the driver. Uninstall sound card drivers, I set the BIOS to re-open the sound card into the computer so that WinXP automatically search for the motherboard sound card driver disk driver, the system quickly find out the location of the driver and automatically install good sound card driver, but the fault still exists.

TV card driver after reinstalling it does not solve the problem, reinstall the operating system due before the computer can be a normal television programs. Is not a TV card and motherboard integrated sound card is not compatible with it? With this doubt, I look at the TV card and the motherboard manual, but manuals are written WinXP compatible systems. The motherboard manual to write the sound card model, it caught my attention because the motherboard manual to write sound card model is CMI9739, and just automatically install the sound card driver, when it is installed the ALC100 sound card driver. In order to determine the type of sound card, I open the box and found that the motherboard is the sound card chip CMI9739. After I had to uninstall the sound card driver, then reinstall the CMI9739 sound card drivers, troubleshooting.

In general, the installation of the wrong sound card driver, the computer is not the normal pronunciation, but I try on another computer, then found that ALC Series sound card driver installation process, and VTI612A integrated motherboard chip CMI9739 can be the normal pronunciation, but there is not compatible with the TV card issue. WinXP operating system and often in the process of installation of drivers, we have been accustomed to the next point only to the neglect of the system to automatically find out the driver to choose. Therefore suggest that you install the sound card driver, the best you look at the motherboard manual or look on the motherboard sound card chip models.

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