The old sound card drivers lead to system failure

Failure phenomenon: a old machine recently installed windows XP system, the installation process very smoothly. The windows XP system is the large memory consumption, but also to install a 128MB SDRAM memory used to make the system run more smoothly more. But soon the question came: In the running system crashes frequently, especially in the QQ online chatting and the most frequent failures.

Analysis solution: installed very smoothly because the system is not used to install memory fault caused it? Was first removed that memory, after the fault is still rebooting. In order to exclude the application software and system conflicts, so reinstalling the system, but the fault remained. Taking into account the ages and the card power supply failure can also result in a similar phenomenon, to be replaced, respectively, after the fault is not excluded. The weather was very hot now, is not caused by bad CPU cooling phenomenon of death, it was detected in the BIOS of the CPU temperature not more than 46 ℃, rule out the possibility of the suspected bad CPU cooling. Finally, the problem seems to be concentrated in the motherboard and hard drive. Hard drive upgrade is a new Seagate 20GB, there should be no problem, as system testing has proved this point. Does it mean that the driver is too old motherboard, and the new system is not compatible with windows XP? Internet trying to find a new motherboard driver updates, did not find, but found a new onboard AC’97 sound card driver, although the sound card to work normal, but also the way to first try to download. Remove the old sound card drivers, install a new drive to restart after the failure to resolve. The original sound card driver is outdated, resulting in windows XP compatibility and not good enough cause system failures.

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