Update ALS4000 sound card PCI slot to resolve the issue of a blue screen

PCI devices interrupt use win98 era of the early years often encountered problems, then often need to manually designation and delineation of interruption, the PCI devices do not need long to do this manually, but sometimes, or when to the disruption caused by failures of conflict, of course, another slot can be resolved.

Colleagues in the computer motherboard there is no integrated sound card, so on the purchase of a PCI interface ALS4000 sound card, motherboard is ASUS P4GE-MX, the system is a computer company version of Windows XP Ghost 9.2, after entering the XP system does not prompt to find hardware. The use of manually add the hardware, installation designated ALS4000 sound card drivers, when a blue screen, after the restart to see the sound card is not installed, the re-install the driver is still a blue screen.

Because it is manually install the sound card driver, so should not be a computer company to install the wrong version of the sound card driver caused a blue screen, when online search a bit sound card blue screen, to see on the sound card and other hardware system conflict ( occupy the same resources) issue, then tried to sound card for a PCI slot, and boot into XP, the system self-test to the hardware, the successful completion of the installation of sound drivers.

Online it is proposed that “not completely shield off-board sound card sound card lead to a blue screen,” should be in the BIOS in Game Port Address and the Midi Port Address to shield these two out, I was only the “AC’97 audio” shields. Do not know whether this approach can solve the PCI sound card installed on a blue screen problems encountered in the next try this approach.

Now the use of independent sound card is not too much, such failures are not too common, is to a small number of the recommendations of an independent analysis of the sound card users now.

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