Vista replacement after the blue screen graphics solutions 0X000000D1

Windows 7 has been frequently updated version of the performance test results often most users, well, blog forest tests can also feel; Vista’s existence, although now may be a short-term excessive, in Vista Driver, as the main desktop system, is doing quite well, which is also Vista early in the evaluation received good evaluations, in some of the hardware installed in the replacement, Vista is still the system will be classic Blue Screen of failure.

Is the operating system Vista, have been installed six months earlier, when the installation of a simple installation of the motherboard (Soyo SOYO 690G-GR), sound card, graphics driver, did not use any problems, a few days ago, card replacement UNIKA players fighting for the version of the 8500GT graphics cards, often after the blue screen, error code STOP: 0X000000D1 (0X0000008, 0X0000002, 0X0000001, 0X8623685F). Search error code 0X000000D1, that there is a network card, but in the test, re-install the latest driver card, the fault is still blue screen.

Main Board: SOYO SOYO 690G-GR
After continuous attempts to resolve as follows:

1. Uninstall the existing network card, board-driven, and then find out when they first buy a computer with the original CD-ROM drive random.
2. In accordance with the motherboard driver → → graphics card driver to install the driver of the order of peripheral hardware drivers, installed after the restart the computer.

Running a week, a blue screen failure does not happen again. Failure to resolve.

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