Hewlett-Packard HP Pavilion dv 1000 notebook series sound card driver installation

Hewlett-Packard as HP’s notebook brands, thick and rich, in order to give the feeling of peace of mind, the sense of personal, business with IBM, but the men should be on the HP notebook, Oh, of a statement; HP Pavilion dv1700tu (dv1000) notebooks, The installation of the system and then download the official hardware device drivers installed, the drive is installed in the order, such as: chipset – “Microsoft Universal Audio Architecture bus -” sound card, sound card installed in the drive, took a little more twists and turns.

Because the machines on display only a HP Pavilion dv 1000, the Web search dv 1000 sound card driver problem, many who doubt that dv 1000 is an HP notebook series, to install device drivers, and certainly need to know in detail the type of equipment , Hewlett-Packard to access the official Web site, type testing machines for the HP Pavilion dv1618ts Notebook PC;

Download the software and drivers
Troubleshooting and support information

Software and drivers to download, click, is due to the windows xp sp2 system, the choice of Microsoft Windows XP Professional, all are installed, but the list shows that the sound card driver did not find that surprising, it was like I find Faso Nigeria collection of notebook sound card driver, on the Chinese mainland were discriminated against? Therefore, the English went to look at the next stop looking for:


To install the drive to find their own systems, choose to click on Microsoft Windows XP, it is clear that the first is: Conexant AC-Link Audio Driver, remaining on a simple, download, install, restart, sound out.

Conexant AC-Link Audio Driver


In fact, the top two connected solve the problem.

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