C-media AC97 Audio Device sound card driver problems

ac97, that is, AC97 standard (AUDIO CODEC97), in 1996, from 5 manufacturers in the industry to launch a new generation of AC97 standard, then it seems, is the most obvious advantages: AC97 standard combination of digital processing and analog two-way deal The advantages of on the one hand, a decrease of the conversion from analog to digital lines when the lines may be noise and create a more pure sound quality; On the other hand, will deal with integrated audio chipset that can further help manufacturers cut costs.

More ac97 sound card expertise can be found in the encyclopedia Baidu: http://baike.baidu.com/view/117423.htm

Early forest blog also discussed many issues related to the topic ac97 sound card, such as intel 82801EB ICH5 ac97 sound card driver to install the full version of the download, intel 82801EB ICH5 ac97 sound card driver download, intel 82801EB ICH5 ac97 sound card driver installation, a simple analysis ac97 sound card driver and the type of situation, the following discussion in xp under, C-media AC97 Audio Device sound card driver problems.

Install windows xp system, the computer silent, rule out the voice of services, see the “Device Manager” sound equipment show: C-media AC97 Audio Device sound card driver, a yellow exclamation mark; solution is simple to download Realtek AC’97 Audio driver, download Address:

Thunder download: http://file2.mydrivers.com/sound/Realtek_alc650_wdm_a372.exe

After the driver installation, the computer can be a voice, if not, restart the computer;

After the restart, or if the voice you can not try the following: Open the “Device Manager”, double-click to open the “voices of video game consoles,” point “C-media ac97 audio”, point right after the election to update driver Procedures, installation of the time not to let the system automatically searches, “a list or specific location”, “Do not search, choose to install the driver,” If the list does not remove the “show compatible hardware” in front of the hook, to choose Realtek Choose Realtek AC97 AUDIO, to complete the installation. The installation process may be prompted to “is not designed for the hardware drivers,” choose “Yes” to continue to install it.

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    c-media ac97 audio device ai can t download. pls hellp Eu_sunt_valy@yahoo.com

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