Goldfinger clean so that the sound card to obtain a new life

Sometimes the sound card is the fault really very strange, especially some of the old sound card, it is often thought to have retired, but still within the normal components, but because of the use of hardware for too long, with the result that contacts External components have had a Dust, such as Huigou, caused by the operation of the hardware problems; under the old sound card in 2002 subsided after the golden finger on a clean up singing again.

  Sound card innovation CT4830, has been on the bottom two years to buy a new computer has been trying to use it again, but put it into PCI slot, after the system was not prompted to start the new hardware, BIOS, the board Shielding sound card, or can not find the hardware, not a suspected broken sound card? To consider all the new computer motherboard, PCI slots certainly well within their means, it is possible hardware compatibility problems, may also be too much of the new operating system, not older hardware to identify this sound too old.


  Innovation CT4830 sound card

To get the company to find room machine into the PCI trial, or did not respond; made on-line to answer, it was said that two years back, Goldfinger will not be oxidized, you try to clean up; think back to this very The reason, immediately found rubber (room where the whole thing is) to clear the golden sound card also found no obvious stains, clean looks, but no matter what, or hard rubber to the golden finger to wipe a lot, Re-inserted into the PCI slot, start the computer, the sound card has been detected.

Innovation CT4830 sound card drivers, use the windows xp can also bring their own if they wish to install an independent, could be considered in this download: CREATIVE innovation SB live (CT4830) sound card latest 5.12.10383 drive

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