Sound card installed equipment, a mistake

Operating system for close management of the hardware features, like reading and writing papers for the management of the only characteristic, beyond any doubt at worst, so many times to install the hardware drivers, will always encounter the facilities being used, Unable to do so, when this happens, the vast majority through the resumption of the release of the equipment to take up the authority.

Heavy computer systems, routinely installed on the external hardware device drivers, board sound card CD-ROM drive is installed after the restart, the results of XP to start the screen was stuck so that the movement for a long time or not, and can not file explorer.exe When the load is very similar to that in the end is what causes it? This process is the installation of the driver, install the driver that caused the problem. According to the resumption of the F8, choose “Last Known Good Configuration”, can be found in the normal access to the system does seem to be driving, but was driven to buy a computer when a random gift, absolutely genuine official driver. Repeat operation, in the “Device Manager”, “updated sound card” drive, copy files, the results of the operation, whether or graphics card tips are: “The installation of equipment, there is a mistake.” Restart after loading or No, unloading equipment, but can not be found unloading, suggesting: can not unload the equipment, it may be used.

After tossing doubled, finally found a solution: the first is to “disable” the equipment out in the state, the installation drive, resulting in a successful installation.

Strange universe does not have a computer network, infinite skills.


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